General information

We are organizing an open world championship for realistic ship models and sailboats according to the NAVIGA NS rules from July 16 to 24, 2024.

The venue of the competition is Sarkad, Éden-tó.

Our supporters:

The competition covers the following categories:

Personal registration must be completed on 16th of July, 2024, and there will also be an opportunity for free practice on this day.  Technical examinations and races will begin on July 17. 

Registration forms

Competitors and countries must fill in the appropriate registration forms. The forms can be opened and downloaded using the following links. 

Filled forms must be returned to .


The first day of the event is July 16, 2024. From 8 a.m., we are waiting for the competitors with the documents, data sheets, and certificates required for registration.

On this day, the competitors will have the opportunity to hold free training sessions in order to prepare the boats and the technique. Competitors are requested to strictly observe the rules related to the operation of radio equipment!

The dates of the technical tests of the models and the periods of the races are summarized in the table. The timetable is being developed, the final version is expected to be announced at the beginning of June.

Competition notice